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When women feel in control during their birth, it increases satisfaction with their birthing experience. This lowers risk of postpartum depression, and has a lasting effect on the mothers wellbeing.
With increased friction and tension in the world, we need a new generation of kind, caring people who feel confident and secure in their place on this earth. When a baby is held close, and their needs are met during their first few years - they grow up with these kinds of necessary qualities.
birth mindset


Dee has been facilitating support groups for expectant and new parents since 2009. She sees the real side of the new baby haze and shares practical knowledge to get you through it. 
When there wasn't a lot of support for breastfeeding mums locally, she set up a weekly breastfeeding group, and trained with Cuidiu to become a Breastfeeding Counsellor. Fascinated with birth - and the sheer volume of benefits for keeping mum and baby close after birth, she then trained as a Birth Doula, Babywearing Consultant and also a Dancing for Birth Instructor. She has channeled all of this training into the courses on this very website to foster a positive Birth Mindset for you.