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          Benefits of Babywearing

"What do you mean I have to carry him after he's born, can I not just put him in the moses basket?"

Absolutely, and you might very well get a chance to do that! But there may also be times when it's just better to carry them. Like sometimes just after a feed when they might spit up - and keeping them upright keeps the food down. Or if they're just a little bit inconsolable with a pain in their tummy. It could be that they are coming down with something, and being close to you helps them to feel better. 

Maybe they just miss you after a busy day!

It's possible that you need to get some groceries in, and they are happier up in arms than in the carseat/pushchair. Slings can help you to meet these needs while allowing you to get on with your day, get the shopping in and maybe even get something to eat! 

Sometimes parents try out their slings about the house, then test them by going out for a walk and finally once they use them going to the shop - they never leave the house without them again. 

One of the most common questions I get asked is - What is the best sling to use? Honestly, I love them all! I have designed a course though to help you figure out which is the best sling for you --> Get the course Here!

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